Jackson Lewis

Jackson Lewis


Comprised of attorneys with practical experience in the sports arena, our Collegiate and Professional Sports Practice Group is uniquely situated to serve the diverse needs of collegiate and professional sports entities. Our attorneys understand the fast-moving, high stakes issues affecting the realm of sports and athlete management.

Our Collegiate and Professional Sports Practice Group can:

  • Outline best practices to keep your team operating while preventing the spread of COVID-19;
  • Advise on the most recent recommendations from federal and state regulators for PPE and other safety considerations;
  • Advise institutions on NCAA waivers and compliance considerations related to cancellation of sports due to COVID-19
  • Guide clients through the process of NCAA and NAIA regulatory compliance, investigations and enforcement

In addition, our attorneys can advise on issues including:

  • Title III ADA accessibility and accommodation
  • Title IX compliance, civil rights and diversity
  • Coaches training brochure
  • Effective compliance with athlete-agent laws and regulations
  • Salary arbitration
  • Grievance advice and arbitration
  • Contract and compensation
  • Wage and hour
  • Global immigration
  • Drug testing policies and procedures
  • Safety and health
  • Sports franchise acquisition due diligence
  • Crisis management
  • Collective bargaining
  • Labor, employment and employee benefits litigation
  • Social responsibility and good judgement