Montgomery McCracken

Montgomery McCracken


Montgomery McCracken’s Catastrophic Sports Injury Defense Practice Group has a national reputation for its successful representations of colleges, universities, and health care professionals in high-exposure sports-injury cases. We have achieved favorable results time and again for our clients in such matters, including in landmark traumatic brain injury (TBI) and heat stroke matters and other high-profile sports-injury cases.

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We have a long-standing national reputation for our successful representations of colleges, universities, high schools, athletic trainers, coaches, health care professionals, and sports associations in catastrophic sports-injury matters arising out of alleged premature return-to-play decisions and other negligence and product liability theories in the sports context. These include a number of nationally-publicized concussion, chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), and other TBI cases against Division I and other NCAA member colleges and universities, high schools, and school personnel. Many of these lawsuits involve catastrophically-injured football or soccer players, athletes who allegedly sustained prior concussions or who have Second Impact Syndrome, players diagnosed with CTE, or athletes who suffered other injuries, such as heat stroke. We have achieved dismissals and favorable settlements in many such matters.

An important component of our practice group is our counseling of school officials and attorneys, risk managers, athletic departments and their staff, and health care professionals on institutional liability issues concerning sport-related concussions, Second Impact Syndrome, and other sport-related injuries, as well as conducting concussion policy “audits.” We work closely with our clients to help ensure that they are meeting the standard of care in the ever-evolving field of concussion management and minimizing the risk of liability in areas that have become a hotbed for litigation. Our Catastrophic Sports Injury Defense Practice Group regularly presents to national audiences on legal matters concerning the proper management of sport-related concussions and other sport-related injuries and we are often quoted by national media because of our vast experience in the concussion, CTE, and sports injury spaces.