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Major sports teams, venues and related amenities are valuable additions to any community. And can deliver an impactful revenue source as well as new dimensions to civic pride, local businesses, tourism, and their teams. Winstead is proud to have led, strategized, and negotiated some of the most iconic sports facility projects in the United States and has been a trusted advisor to many of the top sports venues in North America, having counseled numerous clients in early-phase project development and sports franchise acquisitions and investments.

Because Winstead has represented both governmental authorities and team owners, we understand the intricacies involved in striking the right public balance for projects. We have also discovered that having experienced legal counsel “at the table early” helps to ensure that our clients’ projects meet both financial and community objectives. Our cross-disciplinary approach to client representation enables us to serve our clients at the highest level, regardless of the dynamic issues involved in their projects. Our Team is steadfast under pressure and ahead of the competition with a perspective strengthened by experience and achievement in major deals and is dedicated to efficiently serving as an extension to our client’s teams.

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Industries/Organizations Served:

Professional sports franchises

Venue developers

Facility operators

Colleges and universities

Governmental entities



Broadcast networks

Entertainment organizations

Public facilities


Naming rights holders and sponsors

Bond/conduit issuers

Bond underwriters

Bond insurers

Host committees

Areas of Experience:

Venue development

Team acquisition & financing

Practice facilities

Organizational agreements

Facility management


Naming rights

Conference realignment issues

Pourage and branding



Legislative and regulatory consulting

Intellectual property

Labor and employment

Public law

Real estate




Public finance


ADA compliance

Mixed-use development